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Sophia Loren Restaurant

is an ambitious and innovative retail project that has its roots on the opportunity to provide a unique experience in the catering sector.

The format guarantees a marked typicality of the offer by offering a traditional but exclusive and refined Italian menu, for an attentive and demanding public, in an elegant and comfortable environment dominated by the gold color to evoke the Gold of Naples.

Why Sophia?

"In my life I have had many passions, one of these is undoubtedly food. No director has ever managed to put me on a diet and I have never given up a good plate of pasta in favor of the figure."
The project, for the first time in the history of restaurants, was born with the consent, authorization and collaboration of the undisputed and timeless Italian icon from which it takes its name: the magnificent Sophia.

Diva and mostly a woman, the star has never lost her "veracity" which still today makes her the unique symbol of a collective imagination and the culture of a people. In the world it is she who represents the heart and belly of Naples, it is she who proudly and warmly exports our unparalleled expertise in the culinary tradition. The design was entrusted to Studio Redaelli.

The Italian artist and painter Ernesto Tatafiore interprets Sophia's multifaceted personality.

An illustrious exponent of the Transavantgarde signs the 4 paintings that stand out on the elegant placemats of the restaurant. Buyable as "good memory" dishes.

The installations of Luigi Masecchia, an Italian artist known throughout the world for his works built with metal bottle caps, stand out on the walls of our restaurants.

The caps, as if they were pixels, outline Sophia's sinuous and radiant face. A splendid and extravagant way of representing the beauty of our diva.


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